Lifesavers Club

How are you? No really, How Are YOU? The state of one’s mental health is more important now than ever before. The demand for our services has grown exponentially with 500 crisis calls coming in each week vs 35 per week a year ago. Meanwhile, with our funds depleted and community safety as our priority, our ability to have in-person fundraising events has been curtailed. That is why we, at Mental Health America of Aiken County, are reaching out to you for support.

The anxiety of living through a global pandemic affects not only adults, but also children who cannot easily express the turmoil they are experiencing.  The money donated by our Lifesavers Club will support our “Don’t Duck Mental Health” education program that teaches elementary school children basic coping skills for mental health and aims to eliminate mental health stigma at a young age. By the end of the program, students should be able to identify new coping skills for stress, bullying, grief, anger, and other mental health-related topics.

Mental health is the bedrock of all elements of life and removing the stigma of asking for help needs to be a priority. We deeply appreciate your support for MHA of Aiken.  All participating businesses will be recognized for their support on our thank you letters to Lifesavers Club members.

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